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A D S Limited

ALPHACEE Digital Solutions Limited (ADS), is a pro-humanity business initiative of Alphacee Global Initiatives (AGIS) formally registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Nigeria to render various digital services. At ADS, we build human skills, develop high impact solutions, share professional experiences and open up access to research information and career opportunities.

We focus primarily on organising campaigns and training workshops on digital literacy and skills. Our training scopes include Digital Systems and Computing Skills, Online Presence, Website Creation, Email Campaign, Database Management, Virtual Documentation, eBook Production, Animation Designs, Video Documentary Production, Google Services, Social Media Advertisement, and Talents Promotion.
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ADS #12HPS Project

ALPHACEE is localizing the Digital Literacy Campaign and Training this year (2019) with a new multi-platform workshop innovation of 12 Hours with Participants on System #12HPS project. The project is aimed at accelerating how practical digital skills are imparted in the people at the community level, and fastrack reaching the set target of 100,000 beneficiaries. This we set a new commitment to experiment in 2019.

We have developed over the last six months community network of about 200 interested participants who were prepared to serve as facilitators and strategic partners to host/own this initiative. We hereby envision to seeing more positive impacts in communities and our society at large.
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ADS eBook Project

ALPHACEE initiated this eBook project to promote the contents of value, encourage intellectualism, and the development of solutions to common challenges in society. This we will experiment in 2019.

We have identified over 500,000 potential online readers, and strategic partners to host the marketing of the print copies of the books. We envision to produce/promote 500 eBooks before the end of 2019 and create more positive impacts on society and the world.
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DLW-Osun Project

ALPHACEE FREE Digital Literacy and Script-writing Training Workshop for Community Programme Facilitators - SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2018 @ OLA ONI CENTER, Osogbo. The project recorded over 100,000 direct online reaches via poster campaign, 160 registered interested participants and trained 100 persons who are early career professionals, purposeful and result-oriented youths, who were from about 30 communities in Osun, Oyo, Ondo, Lagos, and Kwara states. 

Over 6 presentations were made with sessions of practical demonstrations on Digital Technology, Internet / Social Apps and Scripts / Project Proposal Writing. The over 100 workshop participants agreed to become programme facilitators to scale up the impacts to affect about 10,000 indirect beneficiaries within a year. This population is therefore envisioned to be next game-changer in the society and the world.
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JOBOS Project

ALPHACE Jobs and Business Opportunities, JOBOS. This programme was initiated as Global Computer-Based Research, Training, and Services (CRTS), to train and empower fresh graduates. Hence, the aim is to resolve problems of joblessness and unending curiosity by everyone in the society to secure office paid or salary jobs that are not readily available. 

The project proposed to train interested individual on Digital Literacy Skills including digital marketing, research entrepreneurship, and multimedia productions. Detailed modules include Website Creation, Technical Writing / Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing, Site Testing / Analytics, Google AdSense/ Advertisements, YouTube Marketing, CPA Marketing, Freelancing, Project Development and Grantmaking, Video Editing/ DVD Duplication and others.
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DL4Schools Project

ALPHACE Digital Literacy Seminar for Smart School Management, Teaching, Learning and Problem-solving for Quality Education and Youth Empowerment. The project trained 100 participants including students and staff ​of ten (10) schools, and members of the public who came from not-for-profit orgnisation and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

Presentations during the event captured themes on Digital Literacy Scopes and Branches including communication literacy, news literacy, technology literacy, among others; Needs for running smart schools in the 21st century; Digital security for protection and control; Digital database for effective documentation, record keeping, data storage and management; Digital economy and socio-ecological impacts; Issues and solutions to leverage on opportunities in smart world for prosperity in career and school business.
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Lifeline Reading

MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT DESTINY?  inspired the efforts on human lifeline research to provide explanations and solutions to various requests on and challenges of lifestyles.

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Become a member of our team in your community and campus to advance the cause of empowering others and making positive impacts in the society.

We welcome creative individuals and we are open to ideas that are relevant to our objectives. Benefits of joining the team include using your ideas to make impacts in your environment and immediate communities; sharing of experience from and with best and world-class professionals and specialists in a wide field of career; and growing your network and opportunities through connection with people of influence. 

You will enjoy our support in creating, growing and making reality your own vision beyond imaginations through the adoption of smart technology and digital sense first-hand practical solutions and experiences.
Meet the Director
Saheed O. Adebisi
Passion: Research and Development of Solution Projects for a Healthy Planet and People's Happiness.

Career: Natural Science, Plant Molecular and Ecological Genetics, Plant Phylogeny and Biodiversity Conservation, Climate Change Science, Sustainable Agriculture, Environmental Sustainability, Digital Literacy and Research Entrepreneurship.

Skills: Digital Communication, Web Design, Multimedia Design, Documentary Productions, Research and Project Design, Data Packaging and Interpretation, Professional Networking, Grant-making, Motivational Speaking and others.

Principles: E very opportunity demands accountability, hence, an inspiration with a renewed vision to develop solutions that will transform the narratives of education in Nigeria with Digital Literacy Campaign and Training (DLCT) Project for the betterment of the people and our society. To read more about me, click download
The dream you have determines the kind of life you live. Whatever you dream of is the destiny correlated to your nature and existence. The way you handle it is the measure of its fulfilment. You are architect of your destiny!