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Reading for true revelation on personal events and lifestyle for the year; for better planning and successes.

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Lifeline Reading

MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT DESTINY?  inspired the efforts on human lifeline research to provide explanations and solutions to various requests on and challenges of lifestyles.

About Us
Lifeline reading is research that uncovers secrets connecting factors of human activities, spirituality and natural course to provide useful explanations as divine guidance and solutions on various individual challenges and lifestyle problems.

The reading takes satisfactory references from aspects of spirituality including herbal healing, divine spells, prayer scripting, dream interpretations, and the Holy Scriptures.

The experience builds on Religions Practices, Destiny Questions, and Life Accomplishments! Hence, we discovered that many people are lost while trying to figure out solutions to various challenges along their life journeys.

The TRUTH is that some of these challenges are natural but avoidable with proper guidance and through making preparatory efforts ahead. More so, many of the challenges are artificial, as they are caused by lack of foreknowledge about them and on how to manage them effectively.

Therefore, Lifeline offers real solutions to manage your lifestyle better, smatter and live a prosperous life!


Fill the form and WhatsApp 08110757696 for results  (#1000/request), payable to Wema Bank Account: 0225095791- S. O. ADEBISI.

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Meet the Director
Saheed O. Adebisi
Passion: Research and Development of Solution Projects for a Healthy Planet and People's Happiness.

Career: Natural Science, Plant Molecular and Ecological Genetics, Plant Phylogeny and Biodiversity Conservation, Climate Change Science, Sustainable Agriculture, Environmental Sustainability, Digital Literacy and Research Entrepreneurship.

Skills: Digital Communication, Web Design, Multimedia Design, Documentary Productions, Research and Project Design, Data Packaging and Interpretation, Professional Networking, Grant-making, Motivational Speaking and others.

Principles: E very opportunity demands accountability, hence, an inspiration with a renewed vision to develop solutions that will transform the narratives of education in Nigeria with Digital Literacy Campaign and Training (DLCT) Project for the betterment of the people and our society. To read more about me, click download
The dream you have determines the kind of life you live. Whatever you dream of is the destiny correlated to your nature and existence. The way you handle it is the measure of its fulfilment. You are architect of your destiny!