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The project is aimed at promoting talents, intellectualism and encourage writing high impact contents for advancement of solutions to common human challenges.
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Find out 7 Keys to living a more fulfilling, healthy, and wealthy life!

Find out if sugar is the new enemy?

A quality eBook for your good guidance!
Get your copy #500 / $2 only
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The CHAPTERS inside covered:
The Different Types of Sugar
Natural and Artificially Products
Favour, harm and remedies
A quality eBook for your good guidance!
Get your copy #500 / $2 only
WhatsApp 08110757696

The SEVEN CHAPTERS inside are:
#1 Know Yourself #2 Know Your Limits
#3 Be Honest #4 Be Kind
#5 Be Forgiving #6 Be Generous
#7 Be Yourself

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Meet the Director
Saheed O. Adebisi
Passion: Research and Development of Solution Projects for a Healthy Planet and People's Happiness.

Career: Natural Science, Plant Molecular and Ecological Genetics, Plant Phylogeny and Biodiversity Conservation, Climate Change Science, Sustainable Agriculture, Environmental Sustainability, Digital Literacy and Research Entrepreneurship.

Skills: Digital Communication, Web Design, Multimedia Design, Documentary Productions, Research and Project Design, Data Packaging and Interpretation, Professional Networking, Grant-making, Motivational Speaking and others.

Principles: E very opportunity demands accountability, hence, an inspiration with a renewed vision to develop solutions that will transform the narratives of education in Nigeria with Digital Literacy Campaign and Training (DLCT) Project for the betterment of the people and our society. To read more about me, click download
The dream you have determines the kind of life you live. Whatever you dream of is the destiny correlated to your nature and existence. The way you handle it is the measure of its fulfilment. You are architect of your destiny!